A Message from Principal Murdock

Dear Orchard Gardens Pilot School community:

It is with a great deal of humility and optimism that I greet you as the Principal of Orchard Gardens. I know that Orchard Gardens is a dynamic and special place that has the drive to make true transformational change within the lives of students and families in Boston. I am committed to leading  and learning with our team as we create the conditions for all of our students to thrive.

As we begin the 2023-2024 school year, I hope you feel a sense of assurance in my conviction to uphold our school’s mission to become one of the top performing schools in the Commonwealth by leading with integrity, urgency, and purpose. While I intend to maintain continuity in our work and amplify the strengths within our community, I also commit to fearlessly and innovatively leading to promote purposeful change at Orchard Gardens. 

I firmly believe that the most efficient road to our success will be through collaboration, so I am eager and grateful to partner with each one of you to learn and build on the phenomenal work that has already been done at Orchard Gardens Pilot School. 

With gratitude,

Lauren A. Murdock