Bethune Faculty

Jocelyn Lumley, Academy Director
Yenny Diaz, Paraprofessional
Rossie Apt, KII Teacher
Kerry Ann Bisbee, Paraprofessional
Laura Shea, Paraprofessional
Lillian Pinet, KII Spanish SEI Teacher
Veronica Vargas, Paraprofessional
Yvonne Morrison, KII Cape Verdean SEI Teacher
Maria Rosa, Paraprofessional
[expand title="Jessica Grasshoff, K0/K1 X4 Teacher"]Ms. Grasshoff is one of the K0-K1 Autism teachers. This is her second year at Orchard Gardens. She joined the team last year after moving to Boston from New York City. Ms. Grasshoff has been teaching for 6 years and has been working with students with autism and other disabilities for the past 10 years.[/expand]
Zoraida Roche, Paraprofessional
[expand title="Zach Gerg, Paraprofessional"]Mr. Gerg works with the K0/K1 students with Autism classroom. He is also currently a candidate at Simmons College for M.S.Ed in Severe Disabilities and he holds a Bachelor of Music, from James Madison University. [/expand]
[expand title="Nicole Davis, K0/K1 X4 Teacher"]Ms. Davis is starting her 6th year at OG. She is making the move to a new K0/K1 classroom for students with Autism. When Ms. Davis isn’t teaching or volunteering, she can be found vacation planning for herself and others![/expand]
Kara Carney, Paraprofessional
Brett Tuck, Paraprofessional
[expand title="Kerri Ann Connelly, 1st Grade Teacher"]Ms. Connelly is returning to first grade at Orchard Gardens after previously having taught in North Carolina. She is an alumna of Teach for America and is affiliated with Teach Plus as a T3 Teacher Leader. Ms. Connelly earned her undergraduate degree at Babson College and her teaching credentials through East Carolina University. She enjoys baking, finding people to eat her baking so she doesn’t eat it all herself, and New England autumns and winters.[/expand]
Darlene White-Dottin, 1st Grade Teacher
Lisa Reardon, 1st Grade Spanish SEI Teacher
Aisha Ogarra, Paraprofessional
Rebecca Lynch, 1st Grade Cape Verdean SEI Teacher
Ildulce Brandao, Paraprofessional
[expand title="Stephanie Moreau, K2/1/2 X4 Teacher"]I’ve taught students with autism since 2004 in various school settings. My students have ranged from age 2 to 22. I am extremely interested in human behavior. I have a Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (Applied Behavior Analysis). I enjoy the problem solving aspect of ABA and find it extremely gratifying when I can “solve the problem” using simple ABA techniques.[/expand]
Kimberly White, Paraprofessional
Sharon Williams, Paraprofessional
[expand title="Kristina Reeves, 2nd Grade Teacher"]Kristina Reeves-Barber (Ms. Reeves) is a second grade teacher at Orchard Gardens Pilot School. This is her second year teaching at OGPS. Although she is new to OGPS she is not new to teaching. She has taught in the Boston Public Schools for fourteen years. She loves second grade!
Ms. Reeves earned her undergraduate degree from Boston College and her Masters in Education from Simmons College.
Ms. Reeves lives in Dorchester with her family. When she is not teaching she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.[/expand]
Jeff Cipriani, 2nd Grade Teacher
Kate Buckley, 2nd Grade Cape Verdean SEI Teacher
Sabina Miranda, Paraprofessional
Rhiannon Varmette, 2nd Grade Spanish SEI Teacher
Rosemarie Delarosa, Paraprofessional
[expand title="Katie Kelley, Grade 1 - 2 Reading Recovery"]Ms. Kelley is currently the Reading Recovery/LLI teacher in grades 1-2. This is her second year teaching Reading at OGPS, but she has been a reading/classroom teacher for 9 years.[/expand]
Mark Salzillo, K-5 Math Resource Room
Courtney Johnson, ESL Grades K-3 Teacher
[expand title="Adrian Smith, KI Teacher"]Ms. Smith has been teaching K0/K1 for 8 years and has taught K1 at Orchard Gardens for the past 5 years. She loves to read and go to the movies.[/expand]
[expand title="Marisa Luciano, KII Teacher"]Hi, My name is Marisa Luciano and this is my second year teaching K2 at Orchard Gardens. Before coming to Orchard Gardens, I taught K1 for two years at the Charles Sumner School in Roslindale. I received my Bachelors in English from Northeastern University and received my Masters from Simmons College . I am originally from Troy, NY and when I moved to Boston for college, I never left! I look forward to having a great year in Kindergarten and can’t wait to see my Kindergarteners grow.[/expand]
Macquin Brockington, Boston Teacher Resident
Julia Finklestein, Boston Teacher Resident
Alexandra Fagan, Early Childhood Coach (Wednesdays)

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